A M Productions has been producing videos for well over twenty years. Throughout this period we've produced
a wide range of videos on a variety of subjects.

Our library is classified in three major sections: Technical Videos: GIS / Mining / Remote Sensing;
Music videos
, and Specialty Videos.

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Our GIS / Mining / Remote Sensing Library is a collection of videos for educational institutions, government agencies and the private sector. We have been producing these videos for the past 11 years and our library has grown to over 200 titles.

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Our music videos are in rotation on stations such as MuchMusic, Bravo! and Country Music Television. So if your band would like to put out a video, feel free to contact us to talk about what we can do for you.

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The Specialty video section includes a wide variety of productions, including a number of our own titles. These cover diverse topics such as Chaucerian Middle English, Totem poles, Snowboarding and our first feature length film, a black comedy called "The Widower".