GIS-50: The Case Of The Missing Rice

An Introduction To RADARSAT

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and find out how Miki Law solves "The Case of the Missing Rice"

Order No:  GIS-50 
Reference No:  GIS 50-1 
Length:  23 minutes 
Nov. 6, 1995.

Canada, under the leadership of the Canadian Space Agency, along with NASA and a partnership that includes the provinces and private industry, launches an Earth Observation Satellite called RADARSAT...

Using a highly advanced remote sensing microwave energy technology, RADARSAT offers the world access to a reliable and a cost-effective source of environmental and resource data... any place on the earth's surface, under a variety of atmospheric conditions... and for a multitude of applications, including Ice Reconnaissance, Coastal Surveillance, Oceanography, Cartography, Geology, Environmental monitoring, Hydrology, Agriculture & Forestry.

In this entertaining training video, RADARSAT helps Private Eye Miki Law solve "The Case of the Missing Rice".
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