For the past six years, A M PRODUCTIONS INC. has been actively producing and distributing GIS-related videos for educational institutions, government agencies and the private sector. Endorsed by the ASPRS, ACSM, and ISPRS, these video tapes provide an invaluable information resource.

Based on carefully selected technical sessions presented at leading GIS / LIS / Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Conferences, these videotapes are unedited documents of the original presentations, displaying the visual information used by the speakers (slides, overheads, RGB computer graphics, etc.) professionally produced on Broadcast Quality 3/4"SP and BetacamSP format videotape. All copies are made from first generation masters to guarantee the best possible copies.

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The videotaped sessions were selected by Michael F. Goodchild and Karen K. Kemp, of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis and the University of California Santa Barbara, Bernard J. Niemann, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (URISA), and Brian Klinkenberg, of the University of British Columbia. The criterion used was "sessions appropriate for use by educational institutions as well as the private sector".

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For the most complete introduction to GIS we recommend GIS-49: INTRODUCTION TO GIS, a 5-hour workshop with Dr. Kevin Price. This video is designed for a general audience that includes engineers, administrators, planners, cartographers, resource managers, GIS technicians and teachers. Issues of database development and utilization are discussed to help users avoid costly pitfalls associated with GIS implementation.

We also recommend GIS-10: INTRODUCTION TO GIS, a 6-hour workshop presented by one of the leading facilitators in the field, David J. Buckley. This video has recently been edited for classroom use.

From GIS Management and Selection to Scanning and Conversion, from the examination of the use of GIS in Transportation, Routing, Fire Management and Protection and Emergency Response to Soft Copy Photogrammetry and Digital Orthophotography, from GPS to SAR, you will find these videotapes the most complete and up-to-date series in the field.


The continuing success of these GIS titles is due to: the expert reputation of the speakers; the complete range of topics found in the tapes; and the practical knowledge found in the tapes.


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