Corporate, Promotional and Educational Video Production Professionals producing quality video for the private and public sector, as well as made-for-TV films and TV commercials. Since the success of the production is ultimately determined by the pre-production process, A M Productions places significant emphasis on this stage of production. We troubleshoot all aspects of the project from creative and aesthetic perspectives to managerial, equipment, and personnel arrangements. Step by step evaluations are made to ensure the proper equipment and support services are on-line for a smooth and efficiently run production.

  • Technical Consultation (selection of equipment & formats)
  • Script Development
  • Visual Development
  • Production Research
  • Production Coordination
  • Production Surveys
  • Location Scouting
  • Preparation of shooting location sites
  • Casting
  • Art Direction
  • Set Construction


A M Productions provides superior equipment packages from broadcast-quality Betacam SP, to 16mm and 35mm motion-picture formats. Whatever the requirements of your project may be, we will match your needs with the production package which will accomplish the best results.

An example of one of our most popular EFP packages for corporate and documentary productions is our Betacam SP package. It includes the following:

  • SONY DXC-537 Betacam SP broadcast-quality video camera
  • SONY monitors
  • Fujinon 14 x 9 lens
  • Full range of filters
  • Sachtler or Universal tripod
  • AC power supply
  • NPI batteries, Battery belt
  • Shure field stereo mixer
  • Samson Lavalier microphones
  • Sennheiser ME-80 shotgun microphone
  • Boom pole, wind shield
  • Additional cable and accessories
  • Strand IANIRO lighting kit - 3 lights / 1000W each
  • Color gels / diffusion materials

  A M Productions provides full crew arrangements for productions of all sizes. From skeleton ENG teams to feature-film personnel requirements, we assemble the most competent professionals recognized for their outstanding achievements and craftsmanship in their fields of expertise.

Professional Crews available:

  • Producer / Director
  • Coordinator / Script Supervisor
  • D.O.P.
  • Camera Operator
  • Camera Ass't / Audio
  • Production Ass't
  • Lighting Director
  • Grip
  • Stylist / Make-up / Hair / Wardrobe

The same high standards of creativity and technical expertise found in our production services are equally present within our post-production services.

The full line of our post-production options include:

On-Line Editing Formats

  • 1 Non-Linear Media 100 with HDR (300KB/frame)
  • Betacam SP (A-B Roll)
  • U-matic 3/4"SP

Off-line Editing Formats

  • 1 Non-Linear Media 100 (Betacam-quality or 75KB/frame)
  • 1 tape to tape U-matic 3/4"

Computer Graphics, Special Effects and Animation

  • Adobe After Effects with Media 100
  • 3D Studio
  • Photoshop
  • Strata Pro 3D
  • Electric Image
  • Chromakey (through After Effects) using a Cyclorama in our 1000' studio
  • Web design: graphics, html, flash, and consultation for complete hosting
    packages and services.

A M Productions utilizes the latest digital video hardware and software.

3D animation and visualization is created in 3D Studio & Lightwave 3D.
These software packages render photo-realistic images and animation sequences.
Physical properties such as mass, inertia, gravity, and collision detection can be applied to the object geometry allowing for accurate recreations of real life motion & situations.

3D animation is not all we do, still images are created in Photoshop, an advanced graphics program capable of outputing film resolution imagery created from scratch or by manipulating scanned images. 2D animation and compositing is handled by After Effects which allows still images, digital video and 3D animations to be combined and manipulated, blue screen keys, scaling, motion, colour effects, geometrics can all be animated and key framed over time!

Once all the elements are created, the Media 100 takes over. The Media 100 is the latest in online quality non-linear video editing. Using fast hard drives as are video sources instead of video tape allows us to quickly edit video on the computer. The output of the Media 100 is 60 fields/sec broadcast quality video. Any changes or alterations the client wishes to make are easily created on the Media 100.

We all realize equipment is useless without trained and skilled personnel,
A M Productions staff have been creating video programs for over 12 years and are always keeping abreast of the latest in computer and video technology.


A M Productions is one of Vancouver's few professional quality, high and low volume, fully-monitored duplication facilities. We use the highest quality professional duplication VHS machines, and only the best grade video tape manufactured by 3M specifically for duplication purposes, which is provided to our customers at wholesale prices.

CDs? Contact us for the best rates on CD duplications!!!


Broadcast Quality Transfers

  • Betacam SP; Betacam Standard Oxide
  • 3/4"U-matic SP: 3/4"U-matic
  • Non Broadcast Quality (Consumer) Transfers
  • 3/4"U-matic
  • HI-8
  • VHS/Betamax/8mm




  • 1/2" Betacam SP (metal)
  • 1/2"Betacam (standard oxide)
  • 3/4"U-matic SP
  • 3/4"U-matic
  • 1/2"SVHS
  • Professional HI-8
  • 1/2"VHS (broadcast; professional HG)
  • 1/2"VHS (bulk)