Established in 1979, A M PRODUCTIONS INC. is a professional video and film production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We provide the highest level of production services from documentaries for television broadcast to corporate communications as well as TV commercials, promotions, training films and educational videos.

A M PRODUCTIONS utilizes a large in-house inventory of the best quality professional equipment and supplies for each production. Production packages range from Betacam SP to 16mm & 35mm film systems.

From 1985 to 1990, the facilities expanded from 1200' to its present 3300' space at 48 East 6th Avenue. On-line editing is performed on the Media 100XS, as well as Betacam SP. Recently, three digital off-line suites have been introduced, operating on IBM and MacIntosh platforms, in addition to the MEDIA 100XS, a digital high end on-line workstation.

As well, investment in its own productions created a steadily increasing source of additional revenue. To date, the company has produced more than 185 titles in four fields:

  1. GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
  2. Arts & Science
  3. Mining Technology
  4. Remote Sensing

In 1986, the company began documenting technical sessions at mining conferences, annual meetings, seminars and workshops, making the tapes available to the delegates, and distributing these tapes through trade magazines, association newsletters, etc.

Continued interest exists in these selected sessions/workshops which present information valuable to the appropriate industry, such as techniques, new equipment, research and development, historical overviews, first-hand exploration findings and operation experience and, necessarily, pre-sentations which contain visual references (slides, overhead transparencies, computer generated graphics, videotape or physical demonstrations).

The company has also accumulated and has recently started distributing clips from its hundreds of hours of original footage in areas as diverse as high technology, forestry, real estate, tourism, art, agriculture and music.

Two videos are currently in distribution: O Vancouver! - a 25-minute narrated tour of Vancouver, produced in 1986 and updated in 1991; and The Royal Hudson Steam Excursion - also a 25-minute narrated scenic tour aboard and about one of British Columbia top attractions. Both videos retail for $19.95 and are available in all formats - NTSC, PAL and SECAM.


Continually upgrading its technical capabilities, the company today produces state-of-the-art videos, whether shot on 16mm film or broadcast quality videotape (BetacamSP). As graphics are playing an increasingly important role in today's videos, graphic artists work on IBM, MacIntosh and Amiga-based graphics and 3-D animations.

The A M team is a close-knit group of professionals whose many years of experience enables us to select the appropriate creative treatment as well as the format and technology to meet the requirements of each project.

  • Tom Konyves Executive Producer
  • Neil Thompson Post Production
  • Kim Lloyd Accounting
  • Richard Mintak Multimedia
  • Marcus Rogers Producer/Director, DOP
  • Larry Davis Producer/Writer
  • Stuart Temple Producer/Post Production
  • Jackie Jiang Multimedia developer/Web master/Designer
  • Peter Gordon Webmaster/Designer
  • Marcus Hutchings Production/Post Production